Management Meeting Minutes of 3rd council

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1st MM Minutes.pdf 4.16 MB
2nd MM Minutes.pdf 6.94 MB
3rd MM Minutes.pdf 4.33 MB
4th MM Minutes.pdf 3.95 MB
5th MM Minutes.pdf 4.13 MB
6th MM Minutes.pdf 5.59 MB
7th TT Minutes SIGNED.pdf 1.93 MB
8th MM Minutes.pdf 6.05 MB
9th MM Minutes.pdf 1.53 MB
10th MM Minutes.pdf 1.67 MB
11th MM Minutes.pdf 2.81 MB
12th+MM+Minutes..pdf 3.37 MB
13th MM Minutes Signed (1).pdf 5.56 MB
1st_Ad_hoc_MM_Minutes.pdf 7.36 MB
14th MM Minutes Signed (1).pdf 5.02 MB
15th MM minutes signed .pdf 7.12 MB
16th MM Minutes Signed.pdf 2.63 MB
19th Mm Minutes Signed-compressed.pdf 1007.92 KB

Division Annual Performance Agreement

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APA 2018-2019 for Secretariat.pdf 756.21 KB
APA 2018-2019 for AFD.pdf 515.2 KB
APA 2018-2019 for ID.pdf 564.68 KB
APA 2018-2019 for ED.pdf 554.37 KB
APA 2018-2019 for TEO.pdf 536.88 KB
APA 2018-2019 for DRD.pdf 213.47 KB
APA 2018-2019 for UPD.pdf 504.82 KB
APA 2018-2019 for ADB PIU.pdf 593.71 KB
APA 2018-2019 for WB PIU.pdf 509.92 KB

Documents Under Internal Audit Unit

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Review Report on ARMS 2022.pdf 3.4 MB
Opearation and Management of Water Supply Service 2021-2022.pdf 5.1 MB
IAU Report on Year End Spending of TT 2020-2021.pdf 4.43 MB
Report on Vehicle Maintenance and POL Consumption 2020-2021.pdf 6.21 MB
Revenue Collection and Management 2019-2020.pdf 2.75 MB
Report on the HR Mapping of Muster Roll Empolyees 2019-2020.pdf 7.1 MB
Office supplies and stationery 2018-2019.pdf 2.56 MB
Pay Fixation Report 2018-2019.pdf 214.74 KB
Trend Analysis for vehicle Maintenance 2018-2019.pdf 2 MB
Property Managment 2017-2018.pdf 1.32 MB
Revenue follow up report 2017-2018.pdf 1.49 MB

3rd Thromde Council Meeting Minutes

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First Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 2.7 MB
Second Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 1.19 MB
Special Thromde Tshogde Minutes.pdf 1.31 MB
Third Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 1.13 MB
Fourth Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 4.27 MB
Fifth Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 823.47 KB
6th TT Minutes SIGNED.pdf 1.47 MB
7th TT Minutes Final SIGNED.pdf 1.93 MB
8th TT Minutes Signed.pdf 1.58 MB
9th TT Minutes FINAL SIGNED.pdf 3.72 MB
10th TT Minutes SIGNED.pdf 1.74 MB
11th TT Minutes_Signed_0.pdf 795.7 KB

1st Thromde Council Meeting Minutes

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1st Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 2.81 MB
2nd Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED)1.pdf 5.5 MB
3rd Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.86 MB
4th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.49 MB
5th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 3.71 MB
6th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 3.24 MB
7th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 5.75 MB
8th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.71 MB
9th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 5.57 MB
10th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 7.59 MB
11th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.75 MB
12th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 6.78 MB
13th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 6.54 MB
14th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.28 MB
15th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 3.56 MB
16th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 3.37 MB
17th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 3.48 MB
18th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 2.3 MB
19th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 4.49 MB
20th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 3.17 MB
21st Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 5.55 MB
22nd Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 6.5 MB
23rd Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 3.25 MB
24th TShogde Minutes (SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 5.84 MB
25th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 5.45 MB
26th Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 5.58 MB
27th Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 2.87 MB

2nd Thromde Council Meeting Minutes

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1st TT Minutes.docx.pdf 223.18 KB
2nd TT Minutes.docx.pdf 587.19 KB
3rd TT Minutes.docx.pdf 598.82 KB
4th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 436.47 KB
5th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 734.52 KB
6th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 198.89 KB
7th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 758.72 KB
8th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 252.41 KB
9th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 278.72 KB
10th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 175.75 KB
11th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 387.64 KB
12th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 430.16 KB
13th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 267.82 KB
14th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 258.17 KB
15th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 433.94 KB
16th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 327.92 KB
17th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 338.72 KB
18th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 297.71 KB
19th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 2.15 MB
20th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 581.24 KB
21st TT Minutes.docx.pdf 502 KB
22nd TT Minutes.docx.pdf 324.5 KB
23rd Tshogde (1).docx.pdf 494.05 KB