School Transfer (students)


  1. Applicant must submit Duly filled google  Application Form (which will announce through  media, website and share the link in Thromde Website) 
  2. Thromde Education office will verify and assign school placement based on school annual report submitted by Concern schools
  3. Thromde Education will send the placement of school( result ) via the registered email.
  4. Applicants must report to the concerned school as per the date mentioned by Thromde Education office.


Documents Required:

I.Request For placement on marital ground.       

  1. Parent Transfer Order for a government/private or                          
  2. Trade License copy from BCCI                                                        
  3. CIDPhotocopy of parents, and                                                 
  4. Child Progress Report.
  5. Family Tree

II. Request for placement on dependent/medical grounds:

  1. Medical document and                                                                  
  2. Principal’s Recommendation (medical case).                                               
  3. CID photocopy of parents                                                                 
  4. Progress Report Of the child

ECCD Approval


  1. Applicants must submit an application  to Thromde Education office with project proposal documents. 
  2. Thromde Committee team ( UPD, DRD, Infra and Chief TEO) will call to make appointment to visit the site for verification and approve the proposal as per Ministry of Education Criteria
  3. Forward to Ministry Education for further approval.


Documents Required

  1. Project Proposal documents(As per ECCD Guidelines)


Depending on the site


NFE Setup Approval


  1. Parents School will Propose to Thromde Education for NFE Setup
  2. Thromde Education(Chief TEO) will visit and verify the center and approve 

Criteria :

  1. Learners more than 10 for 1 instructor

After the completion of the course, Thromde Education  will further provide Community Learning Center training like weaving, baking, tailoring etc