Land Record & Survey Division (Mandates and Functions)

The Land Record and Survey Division was formally instituted by RCSC as per its 156th Commission Meeting held on March 5, 2019. The Division has two Sections namely;

  1. Land Record Section
  2. Survey Section

The primary mandates of the division is to;

  • Manage, regulate and administer urban land and
  • Carryout Cadastral Surveys


  • Custodian and management of urban Sa-Thrams
  • Carry out land conveyances through Kasho, Court verdicts, inheritance, sale-purchase, gifs, exchange, etc.
  • Issue Lagthrams
  • Process LUC, private land acquisition, land compensations and land substitutes
  • State land leasing and management of leased land
  • Regulate land use regulations and land encroachment
  • Maintain land mortgage record and guarantee liens
  • Verify and resolve land issues, record discrepancies and disputes
  • Submit reports on land issues to the Commission
  • Surveying


  • Thromde Sathram & Lagthram
  • Proof of landownership for visa processing and etc.
  • Cadastral maps and site plans
  • Cadastral Geodatabase


  • Online land transaction through e-Sakor system
  • Processing private land acquisitions for national interests
  • Processing land substitutes and compensations
  • Processing state land allotment on Lease and LUC
  • Field verifications for resolving discrepancies
  • Implementation of the decisions of the Commission and Dispute Settlement Committee
  • Cadastral surveys and other engineering survey facilitations


Forms Under Land Record and Survey Division

Attachment Size
Plot Realignment Form_0.pdf 902.14 KB
Common Property Declaration form.pdf 252.67 KB
Agreement for flat and common property_NEW.pdf 151.59 KB
Requisition_Form_for_Land_Services.pdf 719.34 KB
Urban_Land_Building_Transaction_Procedures.pdf 1.05 MB
Temporary_Lease_Application_Form.pdf 381.35 KB
Internal-agreement.pdf 105 KB
Building Details Validation Form.pdf 86.28 KB

Documents Under Land Record and Survey Division

Attachment Size
The-Land-Act-of-Kingdom-of-Bhutan-2007-English.pdf 450.43 KB
Moveable and Immovable property ACT.pdf 137.29 KB
Compensation Rate-2017-04082017.pdf 1.15 MB
Dispute_Settlement_Guidelines_2018.pdf 739.75 KB
Geo Information Policy.pdf 394.08 KB
Guideline for establishing 3D control network in Project Site-converted.pdf 73.24 KB
Land Lease Rule and Regualtion_2018.pdf 7.2 MB
RuralIncentives.pdf 3.6 MB
Strata_Guideline.pdf 513.27 KB
TaxationPolicy1992.pdf 2.33 MB