Brief on Municipal Solid Waste Management

Waste production has become an unavoidable consequence of the rapid population growth of Thimphu. It is essential that we manage waste properly to build sustainable and livable cities. Critical issues such as these must be addressed by both the residents of Thimphu as well as the government.

To combat this rising issue, we have developed several initiatives to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill such as:

  1. Construction of a sanitary landfill
  2. Encouragement of waste segregation and composting
  3. Use of drop-off centers
  4. Increase recycling and reusing

While we are responsible for managing waste within Thimphu Thromde, waste collection services have been outsourced to three private organizations operating in the three main zones. Clean City handles waste collection in the North, Greener Way in the Core and Green Bhutan Services in the South.

But effective waste management cannot be achieved by Thimphu Thromde alone. It is just as crucial for the public to be responsible for the waste they generate, and to consciously practice the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) of waste management for a cleaner and healthier Thimphu city.

Information on why segregation is important and how to do sp                Information on waste collection schedule

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