13 October 2021

The area above Wangchhu Lam, near the Flyover bridge, was a previously neglected area with overgrown weeds and plants but it will now be turned into a multi-tiered garden landscape. It will also feature a dry stack boulder wall which is a new design being piloted by Thimphu Thromde in the hopes to uplift the overall aesthetics of the landscape and to avoid the usual RRM or concrete wall.

Construction of the boulder wall has been completed and measures around 80m in length. The landscaping and flower plantation is currently underway and is expected to finish in the month of November. The landscape will compliment the open space and riverfront as well as the traditional Bazam on the other side.

This much-needed facelift was started as a way to avoid the constant rockfalls that disrupt the footpath as well as the main road.

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