Mandates of Compliance and Enforcement Division (CoED): 

  • Ensure planned development in compliance to Thimphu Structure Plan, Development Control Regulation (DCR) and other relevant regulations.

  • Issuance of development/building/demolition permits within Thimphu Thromde.

  • Uphold Traditional Bhutanese Architecture. 

  • Promote safe and habitable built environment.

  • Inspection/monitoring of the developments to ensure compliance as per approved drawings.

  • Deliver effective public services (building valuations/queries/conflicts) with regard to building and related isuses.    

  • Monitor unauthorised constructions, squatter settlements and encroachment on state land.

  • Facilitate commercial activities within Thromde in line with DCR.

  • Study/review/improve and develop guidelines in accordance to the emerging developments/issues.


Organisation of CoED


Services Delivered by Approval Unit

  1. Approvals for Major Drawings (more than one storied structures/building).

  2. Approvals for minor drawings (single storey structures).

  3. Approvals for revised drawings for on-going constructions/approved drawings.

  4. Approvals for horizontal & vertical extension of existing buildings.

  5. Approvals for retaining walls, roof extensions, major renovations, other miscellaneous applications.

  6. Renewal of approval letters.

  7. Develop guidelines & improve/propose amendments in the regulations.

  8. Public awareness/clarifications on rules, guidelines, etc.

  9. Issuance of location Clearance for business setups.


Services Delivered by Inspection and Monitoring Section

  1. Inspection of ongoing construction sites.

    • Major construction work 

    • Minor construction work 

    • Renovation work 

  2. Issuance/renewal of occupancy certificates.

  3. Valuation of properties ( building /flat ) for transactions & and other purposes.

  4. Issuance of minor approvals (internal renovation works, boundary wall, etc).

  5. Monitoring  unauthorized constructions, illegal settlements and encroahment into state land. 

  6. Resolving/attending  various issues/complaints related to building ,drainage, encroachments,etc. 


Building Inspectors and Area Responsible



Form for Entertainment License

Attachment Size
Consent Letter_Entetainments.docx.pdf 55.87 KB
Consent Letter_From Property Owner.pdf 66.15 KB
Location Clearance from_ELC_New.pdf 289.86 KB
Consent Letter_New License_From Property Owner.pdf 66.15 KB
CHECK LIST A Enterainment_Snooker (1).pdf 152.61 KB
CHECK LIST A Entertainment_Disco_karaoke_livemusic.pdf 120.26 KB
Recommendation letter_for new_renewal_ownership.pdf 237.62 KB
Renewal_Ownership Change_ for snooker & games.pdf 243.25 KB
Technical Standards for Discothequea_Karaoke_Live music.pdf 111.63 KB
Technical Standards for Snooker.pdf 142.21 KB
Tehnical Standards for Cinema.pdf 182.95 KB
Tehnical Standards for Vedio_Computer Game Arcade.pdf 147.8 KB

Letter of Undertaking for Compliance and Enforcement Division

Attachment Size
Letter of Undertaking for basement Approval.pdf 664.37 KB
Letter of Undertaking for Location Clearance of any Bussiness L.pdf 575.55 KB
Letter of Undertaking for Removal of Illegal Structure.pdf 804.39 KB
Letter of Undertaking for Retaining wall Construction on Government Land.pdf 534.96 KB
Letter of Undertaking for Roof Slab Approval.pdf 742.04 KB

Forms Under Compliance and Enforcement Division

Attachment Size
BuildingApplication Form (02).pdf 393.38 KB
Building Application form.pdf 1.56 MB
Building construction security deposit form.pdf 388.21 KB
Construction Site inspection form.pdf 509.24 KB
Labour renewal application form.pdf 380.48 KB
Land Lease Application Form.pdf 113.02 KB
Structural Engineer Undertaking for Green Channel.pdf 465.83 KB
Undertaking for Basement Approval.pdf 1.24 MB
Undertaking for Roof Slab Approval.pdf 1.21 MB
Electrical engineer undertaking for Green Channel.docx.pdf 82.88 KB