Mandates of Compliance and Enforcement Division (CoED): 

  • Ensure planned development in compliance to Thimphu Structure Plan, Development Control Regulation (DCR) and other relevant regulations.

  • Issuance of development/building/demolition permits within Thimphu Thromde.

  • Uphold Traditional Bhutanese Architecture. 

  • Promote safe and habitable built environment.

  • Inspection/monitoring of the developments to ensure compliance as per approved drawings.

  • Deliver effective public services (building valuations/queries/conflicts) with regard to building and related isuses.    

  • Monitor unauthorised constructions, squatter settlements and encroachment on state land.

  • Facilitate commercial activities within Thromde in line with DCR.

  • Study/review/improve and develop guidelines in accordance to the emerging developments/issues.


Organisation of CoED


Services Delivered by Approval Unit

  1. Approvals for Major Drawings (more than one storied structures/building).

  2. Approvals for minor drawings (single storey structures).

  3. Approvals for revised drawings for on-going constructions/approved drawings.

  4. Approvals for horizontal & vertical extension of existing buildings.

  5. Approvals for retaining walls, roof extensions, major renovations, other miscellaneous applications.

  6. Renewal of approval letters.

  7. Develop guidelines & improve/propose amendments in the regulations.

  8. Public awareness/clarifications on rules, guidelines, etc.

  9. Issuance of location Clearance for business setups.


Services Delivered by Inspection and Monitoring Section

  1. Inspection of ongoing construction sites.

    • Major construction work 

    • Minor construction work 

    • Renovation work 

  2. Issuance/renewal of occupancy certificates.

  3. Valuation of properties ( building /flat ) for transactions & and other purposes.

  4. Issuance of minor approvals (internal renovation works, boundary wall, etc).

  5. Monitoring  unauthorized constructions, illegal settlements and encroahment into state land. 

  6. Resolving/attending  various issues/complaints related to building ,drainage, encroachments,etc. 


Building Inspectors and Area Responsible




Forms and Checklist for Entertainment License

Attachment Size
Consent Letter_Entetainments.docx.pdf 55.87 KB
Consent Letter_From Property Owner.pdf 66.15 KB
Consent Letter_New License_From Property Owner.pdf 66.15 KB
CHECK LIST A Enterainment_Snooker (1).pdf 152.61 KB
CHECK LIST A Entertainment_Disco_karaoke_livemusic.pdf 120.26 KB
Renewal_Ownership Change_ for snooker & games.pdf 243.25 KB
Technical Standards for Discothequea_Karaoke_Live music.pdf 111.63 KB
Technical Standards for Snooker.pdf 142.21 KB
Tehnical Standards for Cinema.pdf 182.95 KB
Tehnical Standards for Vedio_Computer Game Arcade.pdf 147.8 KB
Recommendation letter -All Categories[1].pdf 731.43 KB
Location Clearance_ELC_Approval_All Categories[1].pdf 734.96 KB