The City Environment Division provides City Environmental Services and Technical Backstopping (Civil in nature: Construction of Toilet, const. of Parks and landfills)

  • Maintaining cleanliness of Thimphu Thromde

  • Management of Municipal Waste - collection, recycle and dumping

  • Landfill Management

  • Management of Waste facilities (Drop-off Centre and MRF)

  • Manage city parks and open space, city beauty and critical environmental areas

  • Management of City land spaces

  • Monitoring and inspection of waste

  • Grievance and complaint redressal  

  • Create awareness and responsibility on municipal waste management and maintenance of cleanliness of our environment and public spaces on a regular basis;

  • Provide training to public space cleaners, waste handlers, municipal waste collection service providers, Memelhakha landfill care takers on safely managing municipal wastes starting from waste generation, storage, collection and disposal;

  • Shall provide necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that staff and identified waste handlers use PPEs;

  • The Thromde Administration shall impose fines to the defaulters as per the provisions laid out in the Waste Prevention and ManagementRules and Regulations 2012 and amendment 2016;

  • Shall Act as focal Division for Thimphu Thromde to initiate and implement the Zero Waste Hour “My waste, My responsibility” on the 2nd Day of every month; 

  • Shall maintain a proper record pertaining to waste generated and submit it to the NECS on a monthly basis.


Staff Profile and Responsibility

1. Sonam Wangchuk, Chief Environment Officer

  • Provide Environmental services and technical backstopping;

  • Review and issuance of Environmental Clearances;

  • Setting up and operation of stone crushing unit (small and cottage) 

  • Automobile services (workshop and water servicing);

  • Setting up of telecommunication towers;

  • Construction of private road;

  • Setting up and operation of hot mix plant/wet mix plant, asphalt plant, bitumen plant, concrete batching plant;

  • Construction of community, primary, lower, middle and higher secondary schools;

  • Conduct regular monitoring after the issuance of EC for strict compliance of the terms and conditions of the EC;

  • Review and monitoring of EC application for private access roads;

  • Review and monitoring of EC application for automobile workshops and vehicle wash centers;

  • Maintenance of the cleanliness of Olakha workshop area. 

  • Prepare and implement proposals to develop Olakha workshop area; removal of scrap. 

  • Fire Hydrants and reservoirs  

  • To have fully functional reservoirs and Ore hydrants In Thimphu Thromde.

  • Construction of three water reservoirs for fire disasters in Motithang, Taba and Semtokha 

  • Maintenance and installation of fire hydrants in Taba and Langjophakha.

  • Maintenance and installation of Fire Hydrants in Babesa, Olakha, Dechencholing FY 2021-2022. 

2. Rinzin Om, Dy. Chief Forestry Officer and 3. Tshering Dorji, Forest Ranger

  • Issuance of forestry clearance

  • Development and maintenance of parks;

  • Beautification and landscaping work;

  • Development of Micro gardens with ownership from the community, individuals, agencies or firms;

  • Implementation of projects (Ongoing EBA project);

  • Finalisation of River Front Development Plan with an implementation plan

  • Prepare Beautification/micro gardens/open space development plans with assistance from UPD;

  • Beautification and landscaping work, parks development and issuance of forestry clearance.

4. Sangay Choden, Asst. Environment Officer

  • Municipal Waste Management:

  • Implement and ensure waste collection as per the schedule;

  • Coordinate and monitor waste service providers;

  • Ensure waste collection schedule information is disseminated to the general public;

  • Respond to grievances and complaints related to waste.

5. Sushma Rai, Sr. Technician

  • Disposal of wastes at landfill and landfill management;

  • Review applications from clients and provide instructions for disposal according to the type of waste (e.g Wood and wood products sent to crematorium, Bamboo Sent to plantation site and soil disposal site, etc.)

  • Issue approval for disposal of waste appropriate for Memelhakha landfill;

  • Liaison with landfill staff on proper disposal within the prescribed time frame;

  • Maintain data on the amount of waste being disposed at landfills;

  • Ensure operation and management of landfill as per the required landfill management plan.

6. Tsheten Tshewang, Sr. Technician

  • Monitoring of soil dumping and construction demolish waste

  • Issuance of Environment Clearance for Access Road  

7. Sanitary Inspectors

  • Monitoring of illegal dumping and littering of waste;

  • Clearing of illegal dumping/littering areas with assistance from the Operation and Maintenance Division;

  • Monitoring of site for environmental-related activities, solid waste management, penalization for open dumping, littering, conduct awareness  on Grievance/Complaint of Environmental Services;

  • Receive and address complaints both written and verbal and liaise with other Divisions (if necessary) to rectify the complaints/grievances;

  • Maintain record of Environmental Clearance for automobile workshop and vehicle wash centres from Olarong Chhu till Zero Point;

  • Monitoring and management of roadside dividers, roundabouts, micro gardens, parks, drop-off centres and cremation ground.

  • Stray livestock management.

8. Hawkers Team

  • Inspection and monitoring of vendors selling goods in undesignated areas such as footpaths, parking, roads etc.


Forms Under City Environment Division

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Plant Request Form.pdf 35.53 KB
Forestry Clearance Report.pdf 1.17 MB
Forestry Clearance Form for cutting of trees from private registered land form.pd_.pdf 547.53 KB
Environmental Clearance - Initial Environmental Examination for General Projects.pdf 153.07 KB
Form for Municipal Waste Disposal in Landfill.pdf 139.01 KB
Environmental Clearance - Initial Environmental Examination for Access Road Application.pdf 1.07 MB
Environmental Clearance - Initial Environmental Examination for Telecommunication Towers and Monopoles Application.pdf 710.88 KB
Divisional clearnce for refund of security deposit.pdf 374.42 KB
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