Brief Project Description

Second Bhutan Urban Development Project (BUDP II) (Cr. 4744-BT, US$ 12 million).  The BUDP-II was approved by the World Bank on April 29, 2010 and financing agreement was signed on July 13, 2010. The project became effective on August 24, 2010 and the expected closing date is June 30, 2019. The BUDP-II consists of three components: (i) Municipal Finance and Management (US$ 1.5million) (ii) Thimphu Northern Area Development (US$ 9.3 million) and (iii) Capacity Building (US$ 1.2 million) totaling US$ 12.0 million.

Additional Financing for BUDPII (IDA Credit 5431-BT, US$ 17.4 m).

The Financing agreement for Additional Financing was signed on May 19, 2014 and the expected closing date is June 30, 2019. The Additional Financing also consists of three similar components:

(i) Municipal Finance and Management (US$ 0.70 m)

(ii) Thimphu Northern Area Development (US$ 15.90 m) and (iii) Policy Implementation Support (US$ 0.80 m) totaling US$ 17.40 million.

Component 2:

Thimphu Northern Area Development: The Project Development Objective is to improve urban infrastructure services in Northern Thimphu where no formal services are available and also to augment the existing water supply system for some part of the main Thromde. Activities include Urban Infrastructure Development works for Dechencholing LAP including construction of 1.4 MLD Water treatment plant and 0.75 MLD sewerage treatment Plant- Ciompleted Urban Infrastructure Development works for Langjophakha LAP including 0.6 MLD Sewerage treatment plant- Completed Urban Infrastructure Development for Taba LAP including 1 MLD STP - Ongoing Central water supply scheme –Ongoing Intake, Sedimentation tank, raw water transmission line and distribution Mains including Reservoirs and Care taker Qtrs at various location Construction of 10 MLD water treatment Plant at TABA Infrastructure Development works at Hejo –Samtelling LAP- Ongoing Infrastructure Development Works at Jungshina Pamtsho LAP- Ongoing The Project Implementation Unit under Thimphu Thromde is mandated to carry out the project as per the design and specifications through the contractors both International and National. Currently the PIU is manned by following people Project Manager- Pekar Rabgay, Principal Engineer Project Engineer-Penjor Dukpa , Dy. Executive Engineer Site Engineer- Vacant Assisted by 3 local consultants and 3 technicians for Taba LAP and CWSS works Similarly 2 Site Engineers for Hejo - Samtelling and Jungshina - Pamtsho LAP ‘s who are on contract basis. All the ongoing activities are expected to be completed by June 2019 which is the project completion date. Details of the ongoing activities: I. Construction of Urban Infrastructure for Lower Taba LAP: (i) The Construction of Urban Infrastructures at Taba LAP is being carried out by M/s Marushin Shitaka Construction Company from Japan at their quoted price of Nu.251.61 million. The work began on 4th of August 2016 for duration of 30 months on a milestone contract basis. The contractor has achieved all the milestones as of April 2018 and it is expected to complete the project on time as the works are ongoing satisfactorily in terms of time and quality. Time elapsed is 20 months out of 30 months, Date of completion Feb 2019. NB:Land pooling concept used whereby people contributed part of their land for development of the infrastructure and provision of service amenities by the government. This is very successful and fair because nobody looses land and the contribution is based your land holding ( i.e 25- 30%) Table 2.1 Salient Features of the Project The main activities in brief are as given below: Water Supply Works This work involves providing and laying of HDPE pipes, DI pipes, valves and necessary fittings, valves, M20 thrust blocks, special fittings, fire hydrants and 20mm ferrule connections. Sewerage Net-work System The main activities include the construction of Manholes, Laying of uPVC pipes, Inspection chambers and construction of office cum care takers house. Road and Drainage works The main activities include the construction of Pavement (sub-grade preparation, sub-base, base, Dense Bituminous Macadam and laying of asphalt concrete), V-shaped drain, retaining structures, footpath, roadside drain cross drain, out-let drain, street lighting and traffic sign with road markings. Service ducts for Electricity(Bhutan Power Corporation Works) Main activities include the construction of BPC network and chambers. Service duct for Bhutan Telecom Main activities include the construction of Telecom network and chambers. (ii) Design, Build and Operate 1.0 MLD capacity Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Taba. Work recently awarded to M/s JM Builders and Sangsel Eco Trade(JV) at their bid price of Nu.38.924 million which includes O&M for 3 years after completion. Date of Start :8th May 2018 Date of completion :7th May 2019. Time period for construction 12 months. 2.Central Water Supply Scheme (CWSS) Package I: Includes construction of Intake, Transmission main from Dodena to Taba, trunk lines, Distribution Reservoirs including Care takers Quarters at different locations Name of the Contractors :M/s Nima Construction and FINE Inc (JV) Contract Amount :Nu. 229,073,435.19 Contract Duration :18 months Date of Start :17th February 2017 Date of Completion :17th August 2018 Hindrance due to NEC clearance: Aprox. 2 months Current Status : Work progressing well (Almost 70 % completed) Scope of works RCC Intake Structure on one of the tributary of Wangchu which flows between Cheri and Tango Monastery about 1.3 KM upstream from Cheri monastery parking. Pre sedimentation tank with capacity of 800 Cum next to at Gebthang, Dodena . 350 mm dia Transmission line (raw water) will follow from sedimentation tank along the existing road till Kusuchen BHU and continue along wangchu Buffer from Kusuchen till Pangrizampa. About 43 plot owners will be affected for which The project will pay compensation Four numbers of 230cum capacity RCC clear water reservoirs shall be built at following locations Taba WTP area for Taba Samteling for Samtelling area Pamtsho for Panmtsho and Jungshina area Langjophakha for upper Langjophaka area Six numbers of staff/caretaker quarters at following location Two at Taba WTP One Langjophakha One at YHS One at Samteling One at Pamtsho Pipe line as detailed below. ii., Package II: 10 MLD Water Treatment Plant(DBOT Project) at Taba Construction of 10 MLD water treatment plant at Taba including three years O & M period. The WTP is located near Wangchuk resort at Taba. Raw water from Doteyna will be treated and supplied to four clear water reserviours of capacity 230 cubic meters or 230,000 liters located at Taba, Pamtsho,Samtelling & Langjophakha. Name of the Contractors : M/s E.W and FINE Inc (JV) Contract Amount : Nu.172,785,061.00 Contract Duration : 15 months Date of Start :1st September 2017 Date of Completion :30th November 2018 Current Status : Work progressing (Approx 30% completed) New WTP at Taba with a capacity to treat 10 MLD or 10000 cum per day should be sufficient for approximately one hundread Thousand people. Service area includes Taba, Jungshina-Pamtsho, Hejo –Samtelling, Langjophakha Yangchenphu and Changjiji Housing Colony area Further it is also expected to augment the existing water supply shortages for the urban core area especially Norzin lam and Chang Lam area.



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