Notification Period:
14 October 2020
24 October 2020

This Is to notify all the representatives of Thimphu Thromde that as per the office order the (DCRC-20)548 dated 12-10-2020, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the department of Civil registration and Census came up with a procedural guideline for the year 2020’s Census registration and after submitting to Ministry of Home for approval, it has been decided that this year the annual Census for Dzongkhag and Thromde is not required. However, in Thromde following guidelines should be followed:

  1.  The birth and death registration should be done through Bhutan Civil Registration System in consultation with Thromde Tshogpas and Census office, Thimphu Thromde.                              
  2. The Tshogpas and concerned individuals should advocate people on updating the Birth and Death Registration through Bhutan Civil Registration System in consultation with Census office, Thimphu Thromde.
  3. Individual Thuemi /Tshogpas should remind their constituents to register new born as there are chances of new born not being registered due to the current situation of Covid-19.
  4. As the Thromde Civil Registration and Census Officer has to submit a monthly report of births and deaths to the central Department, the update on Births and Deaths has to be provided on time.

Therefore, Thromde Census Section and all the concerned Tshogpas should remind all and ensure Covid -19 preventive measures and health protocols to be followed while collecting the updates on Births and Deaths and during the process of providing Civil and Census Registration services.

Any further inquiries, please contact 02-332429 during office hour.

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