Notification Period:
19 October 2022

The Entertainment Licensing Committee (ELC) of Thimphu Thromde would like to inform the following to all Applicants and Entertainment Business Owners:

  1. Before carrying out any construction or setup works for entertainment businesses, you are requested to get location clearance/approval from ELC, Thimphu Thromde.  It is generally observed that applicant applies for approval/license after completing the entertainment establishment. Henceforth, ELC will be not be responsible for any consequences of setting up the entertainments business without prior approval.
  2. ELC would like to appreciate the support rendered by each entertainment business owner for promptly carrying out the rectification works to fulfill the requirement of technical standards as per “Rules & Regulations for the Place of Entertainment 2022”. Some are still carrying out the rectification works and ELC urge to expedite the rectification works and complete it latest by 30th November, 2022.
  3. The entertainment business of category A (discotheque, karaoke, live music) except for snooker, the operation time is extended to 3am from 12 midnight on Friday & Saturday. The timing for category A entertainments remain same till 12 midnight for other days excluding for Tuesday (dry day).
  4. Further, ELC would like to request all entertainment owners to operate the business in strict compliance as per entertainment Rules & Regulations.


Entertainment Licensing Committee
Thimphu Thromde

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