Short term training both in-country and ex-country including study visit (fully funded by Thromde)

  1. HR section submit the training proposal to HRC along with detail cost implication
  2. HRC nominates candidate according to relevancy and budget availability
  3. HR section issue office order informing the candidates and asking them to submit the relevant documents viz:
    1. Medical certificate
    2. Audit Clearance
    3. Security Clearance
    4. In-service training nomination form
  1. The individual handover his/her work to a colleague and share a copy of it with HR section for issuing relieving order.
  1. HR section to issue to relieving order after receiving above documents.
  1. The Official to process monetary claims with accounts section
  1. The individual upon return, to submit the following:
    1. Joining report,
    2. Training report
    3. Feedback form
  1. HR to upload the training report in Thromde website.