When a client wants to avail a service from Thimphu Thromde the first thing that comes in the mind is ‘do I know somebody who works in the thromde?’ If the answer is ‘No”, then the second thought is ‘do I know somebody who knows somebody in the Thromde?’ As a small society this is how we avail services in other sectors as well – make use of friends and relatives and friends friends. Such a trend is susceptible to favoritism and does not seem to treat the clients in a fair and equitable manner.

The difficulties that the public had to face while availing different services from the Thromde have been making our service delivery inefficient in several ways. Thromde officials are having to even guide people and also reach them to the right officials. In order to improve and supplement efficient public service delivery, this work, ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ for availing Thimphu Thromde Services has been initiated. It is an output of numerous meetings, discussions, debates and arguments within the agency purely focused on achieving customer oriented service delivery. The top priority in all our service delivery approaches has been the public convenience.

This SOP attempts to provide clarity on some of the key services that The Thromde provide. About ten Thromde services which are already available online are not covered in much detail in this documents.

The Urban Planning Division took a lead role in initiating, coordinating and giving shape to this important document that would go in improving the system and processes.

This guide clearly sets out the rolse and responsibilities and expectations of both the service provider and the availers. It is also expected to contribute towards achieving the organizational goals of the Thromde and also in building a trust amongst stakeholders.

It is recommended that people make good use of this document to clearly understand the procedural norms of the Thimphu Thromde in service delivery. However, should there be any areas for improvement and change, suggestions and feedback are welcome at any time. Lastly Thimphu Thromde shall continue to improve and ease public service delivery. 

We would like to advice clients to look at our Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ) publication too for information not available here.