2. New Water Connection

i.Submit a duly filled application form to the water supply section. The forms are available at the Engineering Division and Water Complaint Offices or can be downloaded from the TCC website.

ii.Get a recommendation from the Building Section. Field verification will be conducted to check for the feasibility of the connection.

iii.Water Meter will be issued after the approval from Engineering Division and the payments for connection.

iv.The property owner shall then carry out the excavation of a trench up for water supply connection and accordingly lay down the pipe work after which, TCC will connect the private line to the municipal main.


v.The property owner shall also be responsible for the maintenance of the water meter after the installation.

vi.The Meter Chamber must be built according to the Standard Water Meter Chamber Drawing which can be collected from the office or can be downloaded from the website. Meter shall be installed only when the meter chamber is ready.


The above arrangement is subject to change as per the changes in the

policy decisions.


  1. Water pipe line shifting

i.Submit a written application to the Chief Engineer requesting for pipeline shifting and the name of the the location.

ii.The site shall be jointly inspected by the surveyor along with the applicant to ascertain the position of the pipeline and its alignment and the need for further re-alignment.

iii.Based on the newly agreed alignment, the Engineering Division shall calculate and give the cost estimate for the realignment.

iv.The realignment for plots categorized as ‘Substitute Plots’ has to be authenticated by the Urban Planning Division as substituted plots. TCC shall bear the realignment expenses incurred on such type of plots. In case of normal/original plots, the cost for realignment shall be borne equally by TCC and the applicant.


  1. Water complaints

All water related information and service is provided by Water Supply Section located adjacent to Luntenzampa bridge. The complaints such as water shortage,

pipe leakages, blockages, etc can be directed to the section at 324710 which remain open from 6 am to 9 pm. The complaint shall be recorded in the ‘compliant log book’ with the necessary details; the location, nature of the complaints, time of receipt of call etc. A Plumber shall be sent to the site to rectify/ repair the leakages or clear the blockages as per the need. He shall give a report of the completion or the progress of the work carried out at the site. The details of the work shall be recorded in the complaint register.



Queries or complains about Water Billing and Metering Errors may be

directed to the:

  • Water billing service: 334423
  • Water Service: 324710
  • Sewer Service: 322757

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