1. To register a New Born

Following documents are required to register a new born baby as bonafied Bhutanese citizen:

  1. Marriage Certificate & ID card copy of both the parents.
  2. Health Card of the child.
  3. Duly filled up Birth Registration Form (if the parents are from the different Dzongkhags.



1.Transfer to another Dzongkhag

A letter of acceptance from the concerned Dzongkhag must be produced to the Thimphu Thromde.

The applicant must:

  1. Hold the LAGTHRAM in his/her name.
  2. Produce a letter from the Attorney.

iii. Produce a ‘No Objection Letter’ from the Head of the family.

  1. Clearance letter for Census Transfer from the relieving authority (after completing the transfer formalities).


  1. Transfer to Thimphu Thromde

Should have:

  1. Land/Property Ownership Certificate
  2. An acceptance letter

iii. A duly filled up Relieving Form from the respective Dzongkhag



  1. School Certificate (for students)
  2. Service Document (government and non-government employees) with pay book for Forces duly attested by the concerned Administrative Officer/Personal Officer

iii. Villagers, Monk, Gomchen and Nuns are required to produce the certification from Lam, not lower than the Lam “ NETEN “ of a recognized Dratshang

  1. Person moving out of Thimphu Thromde on transfer must complete the transfer formalities from the accepting Dzongkhag and the relieving authority will relieve his/her census accordingly



For a person whose name has been omitted from “MITSI MAYIG” or not included in the census:

  1. Submit a written application with supporting documents (ie. Parents ID Copy, Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate of parents etc) to the Home Ministry for further directives
  2. the documents such as, whatever you could produce in order to facilitate the process and early service delivery

iii. Based on the directives issued by the Home Ministry, TCC will write to the concerned Zone Tshokpa for verification.

  1. The Tshokpa shall carry out a detailed investigation and submit the finding to TCC


  1. Submit a duly filled ‘Census Bifurcation’ Relieving/Acceptance Letter from both the Dzongkhags
  2. Properties Holding Certificate has to accompany the application if the person is moving out from the old house hold to new house hold in the same vicinity

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