Documents Required

  1. Agreement
  2. No objection certificate from Family members for family land and for co owners
  3. Mortgage deceleration form
  4.  No objection  certificate from concern bank if mortgaged
  5. Building occupancy certificate  
  6. death certificate if thram owner is deceased
  7. Marriage certificate if transaction is between husband and wife 
  8. Family tree if its family land
  9. Orginal LagThram(s)

For land Transaction please visit

  1. Submit application
  2. Within 3 days you will receive notification (Rejected/accepted with reasons)
  3. if Accepted visit Thromde revenue office and pay Nu.1000 as registration fee.
  4. Come along with the revenue receipt and above original documents to land record office.
  5. The office will keep the transaction for a moth as a observation period. (Any objection shall only be entertained within the time frame)
  6. After one month of observation Thimphu Thromde will forward the application to Land Commission. Incase if there is any issue, the applicant will be notified accordingly.
  7. You will receive a notification when the LagThram is ready. (After 15 days from the observation period)



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