1. Waste (Soil) Dumping
  2. The client will submit application to Chief Environment Officer.
  3. Environment Division will identify the disposal site in consultation with UPD.

iii. The client shall pay the Security Deposits (subject to change) of:

  • Nu. 16,400.00/- for Bull Dozor charge per day.
  • Nu. 305.00/- for Waste per Truck load.
  1. The approval will be given by the Environment Division after payment of security deposit.
  2. Environment Division will verify the disposal site and if it is found as per the prevailing norms, the Security Deposit will be refunded.
  3. Lodging complaints (Illegal waste dumping & sewerage leakage)
  4. Submit application with details to Chief Environment Officer.
  5. The Chief Environment Officer will assign relevant officers to follow up on the issue.


Note: Illegal dumping of any kind of waste is a punishable offence. The defaulter will be penalized with payment of Nu. 20,000 per truck load.

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