1. Availing new sewerage connection

To apply for a new sewerage connection, the applicant should:

i.Submit the sewerage layout drawing to the head of sewerage section through architect cell for new sewerage connection.

ii.Ensure that the distance between the proposed sewer connection and the nearest municipal sewer do not exceed 70 m (as per the ‘water and sanitation rules, 1995). The technical feasibility for sewer connection shall be carried out at site.

iii.Submit a drawing of the lay out and the alignment of the sewer along with the connection fee deposit of Nu. 3000/- if the feasibility is approved.The standard drawings/details for inspection chambers/manholes,

iv.type of pipes to be installed or other related information has to be submitted to sewerage section for scrutiny and approval.

v.Co-ordinate and facilitate the periodic inspection from the officials from the sewerage section to ensure that the works are carried out as per the he desired specifications/standards.

vi.The final house connection to the municipal manhole shall be verified and approved by TCC.

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