1. Availing new sewerage connection

To apply for a new sewerage connection, the applicant should:

i.Submit the sewerage layout drawing to the head of sewerage section through architect cell for new sewerage connection.

ii.Ensure that the distance between the proposed sewer connection and the nearest municipal sewer do not exceed 70 m (as per the ‘water and sanitation rules, 1995). The technical feasibility for sewer connection shall be carried out at site.

iii.Submit a drawing of the lay out and the alignment of the sewer along with the connection fee deposit of Nu. 3000/- if the feasibility is approved.The standard drawings/details for inspection chambers/manholes,

iv.type of pipes to be installed or other related information has to be submitted to sewerage section for scrutiny and approval.

v.Co-ordinate and facilitate the periodic inspection from the officials from the sewerage section to ensure that the works are carried out as per the he desired specifications/standards.

vi.The final house connection to the municipal manhole shall be verified and approved by TCC.


  1. Availing services of Vacuum Tanker

i.Submit duly filled application from the Sewerage Complaint Office located adjacent to Lungtenzampa bridge. The forms can be either downloaded from the TCC website (www.tcc.gov.bt) or obtained from the Sewerage Section/Water Billing Unit/Complaint Office.


The tanker service will not be available outside of the Thimphu Municipal



ii.If water supply is metered, the applicant is entitled to one free service per annum.

iii.The applicant shall make appointments for subsequent services: for the water supply not from the Municipal Line, a fee of Nu. 1000 per trip shall be charged which is payable at the water billing counter/s.

iv.Submit the form with a copy of money receipt and get the appointment date from the complain office of Sewerage Section.

  1. Payment of compensation for affected structures

For the places located within the proposed developmental area:

i.The Urban Planning Division shall identify the affected structures, fruit trees etc. that are required to be compensated.

ii.The Engineering Division shall prepare the cost estimates with a brief report of the developmental activities plan for the affected area to the TCC Acquisition committee for appraisal and endorsement.

iii.Compensation will be paid to the affected individuals as per prevailing Property Assessment and Valuation Agency (PAVA) rule and Bhutan Schedule of Rate (BSR) value.

iv.The Committee of the Demolition Squad shall carry out the dismantling process and the removal of affected structures.

v.Details of the the salvaged items/materials retrieved during dismantling of the structures shall be recorded in the ‘Dismantling Register’ before they are handed over to TCC stores for safe-keeping.

  1. Availing permission for Road cutting

For those applicants requiring cutting of paved/unpaved urban roads for the purpose of laying and realignment of underground cables such as power cables, telephone cables, TV cables and other utilities such as water supply, sewerage, etc. the steps are as follows:

i.Submit a written application to the Chief Engineer justifying your request for or permission to cut the road along with a sketch of location attached.

ii.The site shall be jointly inspected and assessed for feasibility and alignment of the road cutting.

iii.A letter of approval may be issued by TCC to DoR (Field Division) depending on the feasibility report and assessment.

iv.Upon approval, the applicant shall make a security deposit in favour of TCC for any e probable damages that may occur during the road cutting.

v.Upon receipt of the approval letter from TCC, DoR (field Division) shall allot the date for road cutting to the applicant subject to deposition of the cost of reinstatement of roads by the applicant in favour of DoR. The amount to be paid towards the road reinstatement shall be based on the cost estimate framed by the Division.


  1. To maintain quality of repair works, Road reinstatement shall be carried out by DoR only.
  1. Any remaining security deposit with the TCC shall be refunded if reinstatement of the roads, footpaths, drains etc have been done to its original state for which a joint inspection shall be carried out on completion of the activity.

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