Long term Training (RCSC Offers)


  1. The Executive Secretary shall mark the offer letter received from RCSC to the HRO.
  1. HR shall submit it to the HR Committee for review and recommendation
  2. HR Committee shall  endorse/nominate relevant candidate
  1. Nominee to be notified and the nominee to submit the following documents to the HRO;
    1. Security Clearance
    2. Audit Clearance
    3. In service training nomination form
    4. Copy of CID
    5. Academic transcripts
  1. HR section shall forward the nomination along with the documents to RCSC.
  1. If approved the individual reports to the RCSC for completion of necessary formalities including signing of undertaking with RCSC.
  1. The individual shall do the proper Handing/Taking.
  1. The HR section shall issue relieving order upon submission of handing/taking and letter of award from RCSC.
  1. Individual to report to the office or RCSC within three weeks from the completion of their course as mentioned in their award letter.
  1. Submission of joining report on the day the individual joins the organization along with Training reports, mark sheet and certificates.
  1. HRO to issue joining order and submit all the necessary documents to RCSC