Meritorious Promotion

  1. Division chief to nominate the official filling up the following form and submit to HR section:
  1. HR section put up to HRC to review, comment on the nominee
  1. HRO to inform those officials whose nomination has been endorsed by the HRC to submit the following document
    1. Security Clearance
    2. Audit Clearance
    3. Promotion Form
    4. Performance Evaluation for the past three years
  1. HRO to forward the document to respective Ministry for endorsement
  2. Criteria for meritorious promotion prescribed in BCSR
    • Consistently “Outstanding” annual performance ratings for the last three years;
    • Completion of the minimum of three years of active service in the current position ( 3 years in the same position)
    • Potential to shoulder higher responsibilities;
    • Exceptional act or service in the public interest besides his/her normal responsibilities;
    • Suggestion, invention, accomplishment or personal effort which has contributed to the efficiency, economy, or other improvement in the Government;
    • Clean service record;