LONG TERM (open scholarship and no implication to Govt. eg. Endeavour, ausaid, TICA, GoI)

All employees are encouraged to apply for open scholarship which has no implication to the Government. However, individual should keep the following three stakeholders in picture.

  • Executive Secretary: For the final approval to participate in the scholarship program.
  • Division Chief: So that the individual would know whether or not his absence can be entertained in/for the particular year and also the division chief should decide on the relevancy of the training to the individual.
  • HRO: To verify consistency with the BCSR and to check the HRD FYP.

Further, the candidate needs to inform Division Chief and HRO when applying for scholarships.

  1. If the scholarship is obtained, the following documents are to be submitted to HRO so that he/she can further have it endorsed by the HRC:
    1. Scholarship acceptance letter
    2. Security Clearance
    3. Audit Clearance
    4. In service training nomination form
    5. Copy of CID
  1. HR submit the nomination to RCSC for issuance of Letter of Award
  1. Upon receipt of Letter of Award, HR section directs the candidate to complete formalities with RCSC (signing of legal undertaking)
  1. Handing/taking of works carried out by the official and submit a copy to HR section
  1. HR section issues the relieving order.