Short Term Training (formal offer received)

  1. All offer letters received by Dasho Thrompon/Executive Secretary/Division Chiefs/individual officers need to be forwarded to HRO.
  1. The HRO shall submit to HR Committee for nomination of relevant candidate. If the offer letter is the only agenda and there is an urgent need of approval, HR section will email and seek the consents of the HRC members regarding nominee via email. Non response from Committee members from receipt of email will be treated as nomination accepted.
  1. The HRO will complete the annexure 9/11 form of the In-service training Chapter of the BCSR for endorsement by the Chairman of the HR Committee.
  1. The nominee to be notified by the HRO to submit the following documents within one week after being notified, to the HRO:
  • Security Clearance
  • Audit Clearance
  • Medical certificate
  • In service training nomination form
  1. HR Section will issue the letter of award
  1. Nominee to process or take the Official passport release letter from the HRO after receiving letter of Award. Documents required along with the release letter are:
  • Passport release/application form
  • Nomination letter
  • Security Clearance (For new passport)
  • CID copy (for new passport)
  1. The individual should handover his/her work to a colleague and share a copy of it with HR section for issuing relieving order.
  1. HR section to issue to relieving order after receiving above documents.
  1. The Official to process monetary claims with accounts section
  1. The individual upon return to submit the following:
  • Joining report,
  • Training report
  • Feedback form
  1. HR to upload the training report in Thromde website.