Letter of Intent

Date: 13/03/2017

Mr. H.N. Adhidari, Managing Director
M/s APECS Consultancy
Post Box No.: 1675
Babesa, Thimphu
(Mobile No.: 17600313, Email: apecsconsult@yahoo.com)

Subject: Letter of Intent to Award


This is to notify your firm that Thimphu thromde has intention to award the contract for your proposal dated 29th December, 2016 for the consultancy services of “Topographic Survey of E4 Areas and Establishment of Control Points within Thimphu Thromde” at your Quoted price of Nu. 1,700,00/- (Nu. One Million Seven Hundred Thousand) only in accordance with Instructions to Consultants. If you have any reservation to our intention of awarding the work, you are asked to submit in written to our office within 10 days from issue of this letter.


Thanking you


Yours Sincerely


Executive Secretary
Thimphu Thromde